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Deep Tissue Massage | Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

Deep massage Mesa of the tissue involves firm pressure and steady strokes, touching deeper levels of the muscle and fascia. It is used for persistent discomfort and contracted areas, including stiff neck and upper back, low pain in the back, tightness in the muscles of the body, and sore shoulders.

Deep massage is typically recommended for persistent discomfort. Some of the benefits include increased blood flow and metabolism, the release of lactic acid, knots of muscles stretched.

Realigning deeper layers of muscle

It’s not just about muscles—it’s about layers of soft tissue that cover, protect, and connect all your major organs. Massage helps prevent injury by increasing flexibility while easing muscle tension.

Deep massage Mesa may feel slightly uncomfortable but are not painful. Breathing deeply may increase relaxation during the massage. A feeling that lasts for hours after the massage is similar to an experience after a good workout at the gym! Deep massage can help overcome chronic pain syndrome in conjunction with physical therapy and other treatments recommended by the doctor.

Massage Mesa - deep tissue massage

Improves joint range of motion

Deep massage Mesa not only affects the relief of muscle pain, but also has a positive effect on joint range of motion.

Massage reduces pain and swelling, as well as the formation of scar tissue in muscle and tissue that limits mobility. Reduced muscle tension can allow you to experience improved flexibility and freedom of movement, helping you maintain your active lifestyle. It also aids recovery from injuries by allowing proper blood flow through injured muscles and soft tissues.

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Flexibility and relaxation

As massage deepens beyond superficial layers, it naturally increases both mental relaxation and physical flexibility. Decreased levels of stress hormones will cause your body’s heart rate to slow down, making you feel calmer throughout massage massage massage. Improved circulation may also contribute to increased flexibility, creating a better range of motion. A sense of deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being often lingers long after the massage is over.

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